In one word, Yes. What are the critical difference and why you need medical experience in a CRE Broker when considering opening or expanding your private medical practice.

  • Medical CRE brokers are qualified to specifically handle commercial deals for healthcare professionals and have a thorough understanding of industry terminology within contracts. During lease negotiations, minor wording adjustments can change the scope of the final deal. But a good broker will be able to recognize how the changes will impact their medical clients.
  • Medical CRE brokers should ONLY represent the Buyer or Lessee. If you know anything about the Real Estate market, the most important client for Brokers and Agents in both residential and commercial markets are the listings – this is where most of the money is made and where the focus is for all real estate agents, whether residential or commercial. The Medical Real Estate agent is very unique because we do ONLY focus on the buyers/lessees NEVER the listings. So you can be sure that you and your success is of the utmost importance. 
  • In person site inspection, measurement and drawing. Skilled medical CRE brokers also understand how necessary it is to see a site in person. Onsite, in-person walkthroughs and market tours allow the broker to understand the location from a first-hand vantage point.
  • Because of their understanding of contracts and industry standards, medical CRE brokers know when a deal is fair or needs revisions. They can review contracts and recognize when a deal is not the right fit for their clients. They are then able to confidently negotiate the right terms. Their experience allows them to be more creative in their negotiations and has taught them how to navigate CRE deals within specific industries.

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