What is a Community Facility Use in Commercial Real Estate?

A community facility use provides educational, health, recreational, religious or other essential services for the community it serves.¬†Spaces designated as “Community facility use” can can only be purchased or lease for use by the below business uses:

Community Facility Allowed Uses:

  • Higher Educational Facilities such as Universities, Dormitories, Fraternity or Sorority Houses and Libraries
  • Museums
  • Long Term Care Facility
  • Houses Of Worship¬†
  • Medical Facilities such as Medical Offices, Dental Offices, Hospitals, Ambulatory Centers
  • Community Centers

Why is Community Facilities a useful for Healthcare Practices?

Historically ground floor retail space with a storefront tends to command a premium in real estate and typically sought after by large retail tenants such as restaurants and retail stores. This zoning restriction doesn’t allow these type of uses, therefore the medical community retails negotiation leverage on price for purchasing or leasing the property.

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