The New York City and surrounding areas and states are perhaps the most unique real estate and business environment within the United States. Different customs, pitfalls, standards, concessions, players, that vary widely by borough and county, state …. Differences in market and players as well as differences in customs

We ensure that our clients achieve the most advantageous outcomes with their real estate transaction based on hundreds of variables by giving them not only a high-level view and recommendation but also the details needed in the decision making process.

Our brokerage services are focused in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and within each of these states there are numerous real estate ‘submarkets’ with customs that are very unique from county to county and from any other part of the country. 

Having completed over a thousand real estate transactions, and also having focused our efforts in this local area for the past fifteen years, we understand the nuances of various concessions, terms and challenges to office development that are customary in one place which are different than another. This information empowers our clients not only with a strategy for optimal negotiations and planning in their individual submarket, but also it allows us to push the boundaries and take full advantage of what can be negotiated on each transaction. 

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